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Cedars Sinai Second Medical Opinion Program by THB

Get a second medical opinion from California's No.1 & the USA's No.2 ranked hospital

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THB has partnered with Cedars Sinai Hospital to provide an end to end Second Medical Opinion service

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Who generally benefit from a Second Medical Opinion?

Unclear diagnosis.png
Cancer 2nd medical opinion.png
surgery 2nd medical opinion.png

Patients who have an unclear diagnosis or treatment

Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer

Patients who require a surgery

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stress 2nd medical opinion.png

Patients who are young with risk of complications during & post surgery

Patients who require confirmation that the initial assessment is valid

Our Second Medical Opinion Program Includes:

Patient Onboarding

2nd medical opinion offering 1.png

Cedar Sinai Specialist Doctor Consultation

2nd medical opinion offering 3.png

Health Record Consolidation

2nd medical opinion offering 2.jpg

Final Patient Report & Follow-up

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Not sure if a 2nd medical opinion is right for you? No worries!

We provide complimentary assessments to help you with your journey ahead.

Call or Whatsapp Us Now to find out more.

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