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Diabetes Connected Care

Did you know?

Approximately 40.7% of adults (aged 20- 79) with type 2 diabetes mellitus, are unaware that they have the condition. 

-International Diabetes Federation,2020


Whether you are prediabetic or are diagnosed with Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes – the THB Diabetes Connected Care Program will be tailored to your specific needs and aligned with the prescribed plan by your treating physician.

The Diabetes Connected Care Program helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter the current status of your health. Our clinical dieticians and diabetes educators help you manage diabetes and its’ related complications, using the latest in remote monitoring devices, combined with personalized care coaching. Your Care Team will support you in maintaining optimal blood sugar levels, improving eating habits, and managing your health data. Your Care Team also provides ongoing support with appointment scheduling, progress reports, alerts and more. Your consolidated health data is accessible at your fingertips through your Member Portal. Continuous monitoring and consolidation of health data supports physicians in having greater insight into your lifestyle habits and health trends, outside the clinical environment setting.

Start your journey towards better health, with the THB Connected Care Program, today!

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  • Monthly Care journey Begins

    • Remote Monitoring

    • 24/7 Doctor on Call

    • Dietary Support

    • Care Coaching

    • Alerts and Reminders

    • Appointment Scheduling

    • Health Tips

    • Progress Reports

  • Receive continued support from
    your Care Team on an ongoing

  • Sign up through our website or call 052-4470944.

  • Once subscribed, you will receive your Welcome Pack, including your Smart Blood Glucose Meter and one months supply of Strips and Lancets

  • Your Health Manager will schedule your onboarding with your Care Team.

  • You will receive a personalized plan based on your medical history, health concerns and targets.

  • Installation of Continuous Glucose Monitor (if required)

  • Set up Member Connected CareWeb Portal


The Diabetes Connected Care program helps individuals manage diabetes and related complications, using the latest in remote monitoring devices, combined with personalized care coaching.


A diagnosis of diabetes can be overwhelming, especially when trying to adhere to your care plan, monitor your blood sugar regularly, and make healthy choices all without consistent support and motivation. This can lead to diabetes distress.

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