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PCR Disclaimer

It is important for THB to provide satisfactory and outstanding service to all the Service Users of our PCR service, building confidence among our users, whether service is booked directly with THB or through one of our partners.

​1.  If the services are not completed according to the final scope and specifications indicated on either the THB platform or as agreed with THB customer service agent or our partner aggregator, we will work with you to understand the problem, investigate & rectify to the best of our ability within a reasonable time frame following receipt of a claim from the Service User. For purposes of this Policy, claim shall mean any complaint made in writing (including but not limited to by e-mail) or filed electronically.

2.   No complete refund is allowed under this policy. The sole and exclusive remedies available to the Service User in the event of incomplete or defective service are set out below and are at the sole discretion and option of THB.

3.   THB may provide the Service User with a complimentary service on the next order made by the Service User when using the THB PCR services directly whether by email or WhatsApp ; or booking made through third party booking platform.

4.   THB shall not bear any cost (e.g., airfare/hotel stay/fines) or responsibility for delays due to system issues of Hasana or delay from the partner lab.​

5.   PCR test results will only be shared via email. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide relevant email address and frequently check email (including spam/junk) at the expected time of results.

6. The PCR test results shall be sent to the Service User within 24 to 72 hours following the test, unless in times of peak where the test result may take more time.

PCR Refund Policy:

To ensure the quality of the service, we guarantee the following under our Refund Policy.


THB shall process a refund of PCR test amount only if the test result was sent late or delayed to the Service User against the booked service’s service level agreement.


i.    Whenever applicable, THB shall process the refund in favor of the Service User either as accrued free PCR for next service or as directed by the Service User in his claim. The Service User should expect 2-14 business days for the refund amount to be returned to the bank account. If no refund is received by the Service User within the aforementioned period, the Service User may report the same to THB.

Refund Claim Conditions:


The Service User can file a refund claim when all of the following conditions are satisfied:

•     The service was booked by the Service User either on the THB Platform or via email or WhatsApp sent to THB and acknowledged by THB CSA and complete details were entered correctly by the Service User describing the nature of service, name, contact details, address etc. required for performance of the service by THB Nurse.

•     Refund can only be claimed within five (5) days from the date of appointment. After 5 days refund cannot be claimed Or any claim submitted after 5 days from the date of appointment shall not be liable for refund.

•     The Service was paid for by the Service User

Refund Claim Restrictions and Limitations:


THB ‘s Refund Policy does not cover the following situations:

•     Dissatisfaction with pricing or scheduling limitations.

•     The maximum total liability of THB shall not exceed the total amount of service fees actually paid by the Service User.

•     This Policy shall be an integral part of our Standard Terms and Conditions of Use.

posted on our website at: and may be changed at any time without prior notice and any new version shall apply forthwith upon its posting on our website.

•     THB shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of property or items (whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental) of any sort whatsoever incurred.

Copyright © 2021 THB Home Health Care LLC. All rights reserved. DHA License Number: DHA-FL-0083554. MOHAP License No. HXM8IY5X-280421

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