Virtual Consultation

We provide Virtual Physiotherapy and Virtual Nutritionist Consultation though a Video Platform. 

For any questions on our Virtual Consultation services in Pakistan, please call +923168884284

Virtual Nutrition Consultation

Virtual Physiotherapy

Finding time to lead a healthy lifestyle can be tricky. Our virtual 1-on-1 nutrition programs deliver guidance and support when and where you need it most. 


With the sudden increase of people working from home and "Social distancing", this service allows you to ensure you understand your body, maintain your level of fitness or set new goals. 


What you can expect from an online consultation:


  • Discussing your health history, dietary and lifestyle patterns including issues to be addressed and personal goals

  • Receiving customised instructions and recommendations tailored to your needs

  • Dietary handouts and information will be provided via email including a daily guide, sample meal plan and recipes

  • Set goals and start making progress!

  • Follow up to be organised upon request (to revise progress and discuss challenges)

Virtual Physiotherapy through a video platform, can be very effective and can simply be done with a computer, tablet or smart-phone.


With the sudden increase of people working from home and "Social distancing", this service allows you to continue your treatment or rehab whilst maintaining your current routine.


With Virtual Tele-Health Consults, We Can:


  • Assess your medical history and educate patients on their injury or condition

  • Examine range of motion and movements

  • Carry out comprehensive sessions over video Correct exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively

  • Provide a full rehab plan to follow in your own environment

  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches

Virtual Consultation Packages

Virtual Nutritionist

(45 Minutes)

PKR 2,825 / AED 62

(13% VAT incl.)

Virtual Physiotherapy

(45 Minutes)

PKR 2,825 / AED 62

(13% VAT incl.)

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